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Online Sites I Use for Homeschooling | COVID-19 School Closures

As many of you know, I have been homeschooling my son Grant with ADHD and on the spectrum full time the last 3.5 years while running Kids Gym Berkeley, he is now in 3rd grade.

I know how hard this can be for many parents now expected to be able to homeschool your kids practically overnight. It took awhile for Grant and I to get in the groove of what works best for him in terms of choosing the right curriculum, my teaching style and how he learns best. I am not the most patient person to begin with and also have ADHD diagnosed when I was 37 but the traditional school environment is not currently beneficial for his needs, so homeschool it is for us.

I want to share the following online sites I use as part of his daily curriculum along with all the workbooks, Math flash cards, reading and lesson materials, plus from time to time I involve him in preparing his food, baking or cooking as well as daily life skills of cleaning the house, vacuuming, folding clothes, doing laundry…it is good to start them young.

I break up each daily lessons in 20 minute stretch and he gets anywhere between and 3 to 7 minutes of break in between. In the beginning of each lesson, I give him 3 choices to choose 1 activity or reward at the end of each lesson that he gets to do during his break. Because of his ADHD, he needs running, climbing and jumping in between each activity to help him focus. Works out very well for us, again this took awhile to find the sweet spot that works, every child is different.










Feel free to email me at Barbara@kidsgymberkeley.com if you need additional tips and encouragement with homeschooling 🙂

Barbara Brodrick

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