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Trampoline - grip
Socks Required at all times.

Kids Gym Deluxe Party | 2 Hours | $550

Open Gym 10 Pass - $100

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Indoor Gym



Do you charge for infant and adults?

Infants under 6 months gets in free with a paid sibling. We start charging at 6 months and up, we have swings, toys designated areas for infant and crawlers.  Currently admission includes 1 child and 2 adults per family, an additional charge of $8 for each additional adults applies.

My child has grippy socks already, do I need to buy your brand?

Kids Gym Berkeley socks are ideal and socks from the big trampoline parks are acceptable. The baby grips are not acceptable, not enough grips. 

Are adults required to take off shoes and wear trampoline socks?

No shoes and no strollers allowed in the play areas. This is an effort to keep the place clean for health and safety reasons, there are many crawlers and kids who lay down on the ground. 
Adults are required to wear clean regular socks at all times. Clean regular socks are acceptable. However, if you do not have them, you may purchase socks at the front desk for $2.75.
Please wear your shoes when you go to the bathroom to be sanitary.

If I buy the 5, 10 or 12 pass, can my child's friend or cousin use the passes too?

No, passes are only to be shared with actual siblings. Premiere members are the only ones with 4 guest passes each month for their  "first" time visitors only.

It is my child's birthday, can we just drop in with our friends, play and have cake and cupcake in the kitchen, we don't need a party room?

Absolutely not allowed. You must have reservations for any party no matter what size. The kitchen is reserved for quick snacks for the public, no big pizzas, no cake, no balloons and no bringing + opening gifts. This ruins the experience for those with paid birthday party service reservations.
You will be asked & required to leave without any refund. No exceptions.

Can we have snacks in the play area while I watch my child play?

Absolutely not. No food, no water, no coffee in the play area and this includes the quiet room. Food and drinks can only be consumed in the kitchen or purple counter on the locker side only.